Start: Jan 7 2018 at 5pm UTC
Project Protocol: ETH, ERC20
Base Price: 1:1500 FTX
Token Supply: 100,000,000
Maximum Crowdsale Cap: 25M USD

FTX is available at the following exchanges:


Coming Soon ...

Coming Soon

Token Distribution

75 % Crowdsale Pool

Funds raised during the crowdsale will be used solely for the development of the FintruX Network.
10 % Fintrux Reserve

This portion will be allocated to reward advisors, early adopters, and bounty programs.
10 % Team

This will be allocated to founders and team. Tokens will be locked for a 12-month period in a multisig wallet.
5 % Collateralization Reserve

For the unplanned compensation of losses incurred by lenders in the case of default.


Quarter 2

Ethereum R&D

Researched into blockchain technology; taken numerous courses on Smart Contract and Solidity development; practiced on Ropsten Testnet and internal private Ethereum Virtual Network.

Dapp R&D

Development team researched and practiced Angular 4, Truffle framework, Metamask, and interconnectivity with Smart Contract on private network and Testnet.

Quarter 3

Concept Validation

The concept of FintruX passed around existing clients and board members of Canadian Finance & Leasing Association for validation.

Whitepaper Ready

Documented and published blockchain based financing and automation into whitepaper.


Design token utilization practice to the most efficient and effective operation of the FintruX platform.

Quarter 4

Focused Practice

Focus FintruX financing on one specific product - "making P2P unsecured loan highly secure". FintruX Network facilitates global networking with specialized service agents.

Wireframe Ready

The functionality of lenders selecting decision package, borrower instant matching, credit approval, fraud and identity verification, documents audit, smart contract generation & deployment, and funding demonstrated.


Establish relationships with people from the financing and blockchain industry.

Quarter 1

Prototype Ready

First prototype comprising basic functionality of the wireframe deployed to Ethereum Testnet.

Open Source

The smart contracts' solidity source code published on Github.


Crowdsale campaign completed.

Team Expansion

FintruX Network will expand the development team and hire experts in the financing and Ethereum blockchain development sectors.

Quarter 2

Alpha Test

Fully functional version of the prototype deployed to production EVM with added functionality such as credit checks and scoring, scheduled payments, fee payments, cross collateralization pool management, end of term processing.

Real Customers

12 borrowers and 6 lenders signed up to use the FintruX alpha on a daily basis.

Quarter 3

Beta Test

Extend downstream processes and functionalities added such as guarantor participation, statistics, management reports.

Network Development

Platform ready to grow exponentially by adding new participating service agents.

Service Organization

Support team set up to help participants of our ecosystem.


PR, marketing campaign, event participation, and sponsorships established.

General Availability

Initial version available for all participants.

Quarter 4

Go to Market

Sales and support team established.

Scale the Platform

The platform is tested to serve the masses.


Extend processes and functionalities such as loan trading interface launched on an incremental basis.