Manage Your Finances
& Solve Liquidity Issues

FintruX is removing the necessity of third-party lender participation; instead, lenders will be companies or individuals providing services and goods towards their clients (borrowers).


Easy to Use,
Intelligent Platform

The decentralized nature of blockchain along with our pioneering technology ensures transactions on our platform are easy, fast and highly secure.

Recession Proof & Future Proof

Our solution is future-proof and recession-proof, as the platform does not require any fiat deposits; merely turning existing creditors into lenders.


How does it work?

Step 1
  • An SME (borrower) owes money for goods or services that were provided to them by a vendor (creditor);
Step 2
  • The Borrower signs up on the platform and undergoes a comprehensive credit check;
Step 3
  • The platform establishes and creates a transparent online trusted (TruX) profile for the borrower SME;
Step 4
  • At funding, FintruX will deliver an increasing amount of FRX (a credit ledger on the platform) to borrowers based on their credit limit;
Step 5
  • Borrower adds creditor to their contact list. Creditor signs up on platform and becomes a lender;
Step 6
  • Borrowers send FRX to lenders directly through the platform’s blockchain infrastructure;
Step 7
  • Creditors are rest assured of their dues, earn monthly compound interest in FRX and have the option to cash out within 30 days.

Successful cash-out of FRX results in better credit rating and reputation for borrowers and can qualify them for more FRX issued (higher credit limit) in the future. This means that even start-ups can build global credit by taking out small amounts of FRX.


FintruX adjudicates every borrower on the platform, constructing a transparent trust profile which provides their creditors with a detailed understanding of their clients’ creditworthiness. Based on the adjudication, a tokenized ledger (FRX) representing their credit limit is granted for the borrower to send to their creditors, enabling them to earn interest with option to cash out any amount of the debt within 30 days.

Risk Reduced

Loans facilitated on our platform benefits from our novel credit enhancers,  which provides lenders levels of cascading insurances in the case of defaults. Any delinquency on the financing can directly impact borrowers’ credit score. With all these measures in place, lenders on FintruX Network are participating in risk-reduced financing.


Using tokenized ledgers our platform removes the need for physical infrastructure and unnecessary legal paperwork, enhancing convenience and total automation; increasing efficiency, reducing manual processes and improving the overall user experience. 


Global Credit

FintruX constructs a transparent trust (TruX) profile for each borrower which can be accessed by lenders. Borrowers on the platform may build additional credit based on their FRX management history. This means that SMEs with bad credit and no credit (start-ups) can be granted small amount of FRX to build credit over time.

Perpetual Credit

Compounding interest incentivizes lenders to hold on to FRX, establishing a perpetual line of credit.

Risk-Reduced Financing

The lenders are protected by the platform’s four levels of credit enhancements including a credit-risk pool.

True P2P Lending

Borrowers and lenders build stronger relationships, and third-party lenders are no longer required. The unsecured loan is made easy, fast, and highly secure.

Established Trust

Trust via blockchain, AI credit scores + credit enhancement protections.

Financial Management

Small businesses can efficiently manage their financial obligations without the burden of handling fiat to pay existing commitments.

Monthly Compounding Interest

The vendors (creditors) receive monthly compounded interest on the amount owed to them by the borrower.

Instant Payment by FRX

Receive payments instantly via FRX which does not fluctuate with price and is cashable from borrower within 30 days.

Frictionless Lending

No imbalance of lenders and borrowers since existing creditors are turned into lenders. The loan agreement is replaced by a smart contract, ensuring the simplest architecture.

Distributed Rewards

All users of the platform can earn a referral fee for inviting borrowers to join the platform.

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