What Would You Like To Do On TruX?


Smart Network

 An intelligent way for businesses to connect.


Smart Marketplace 

A cost-efficient way for businesses to trade


Smart Credits 

A secure way for businesses to transact

Coming Soon


Smart Invest 

An inclusive way for all participants to invest.

Manage Your Finances &
Increase Your Cash Flow

Build immutable trust between your business and external stakeholders on a smart contract.


Easy to Use,
Powerful Platform

Make your business transactions
simple, fast and highly secure.


Easy to Use,
Powerful Platform

Make your business transactions
simple, fast and highly secure.

Establish Your
Global Credit Reputation

Use your trust profile
to finance and grow your business globally.


How Does It Work?

Step 1
  • Businesses are connected on TruX.
Step 2
  • B2B buying and selling on credit terms.
Step 3
  • Negotiate credit terms and secure payments on the blockchain.

Successful B2B transactions result in lower cost, higher sales, and easier financing.


FintruX Network evaluates businesses on the platform, constructing transparent trust profiles.


FintruX Network implements 4 levels of credit enhancements, benefiting businesses with risk-reduced financing.


FintruX Network automates processes on a smart contract, improving the overall user experience.


Global Credit

Establish global credit reputation with a transparent trust profile.

Perpetual Credit

Obtain a perpetual line of credit from stakeholders.

Risk-Reduced Financing

Enjoy 4 levels of credit enhancements.

True P2P Relationships

Build stronger business relationships without third-party involvement.

Distributed Rewards

Earn a referral fee for inviting external stakeholders.

Financial Management

Advance cash flow without immediate need to transfer cash.

Late Fee

Earn monthly interest on repayments.

Fast Secured Payment

Transact instantly and securely via smart credits.

Frictionless Financing

Negotiate repayments on a smart contract with a seamless architecture.

Verified Trust

Trust via blockchain, AI & credit enhancements.

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