FintruX Network provides innovative global financial and business solutions for underserved startups and SMEs. We aim to be the one-stop resource and solution provider for business growth and sustainability.

FintruX Network is comprised of a dynamic team of skilled professionals in strategy, commercial lending, operations, marketing, sales, and technology. Our technology is supported by Robocoder Corporation, which has over 20 years of enterprise software development experience.


The Issues Plaguing Traditional Small Business (SME) Financing

01. Inefficient

Banks prefer to lend cash on cash. This means that they will lend you the same amount of money you have in your savings account, using your money as collateral. Additionally, loan amounts requested are usually too small for financial institutions to do efficiently.

02. Expensive

If a loan is procured from alternative financing sources, the interest rate is generally too high. Finance companies only utilize a few data sets to evaluate SME borrower worthiness resulting in poor representation of credit, and traditional p2p lenders offer high interest rates due to private equity backing.

03. Inaccessible

Capital that could have been invested in small business credit has been largely locked out of the market. Individual investors generally lack the size and access to directly invest in small business credit, and while institutional investors have had some access to this market, they lack the tools to customize portfolios to their specific risk tolerance.


We leverage our extensive expertise and technology to create an ecosystem where trust is maximized,
and all participants win.

Blockchain Based Peer-to-Peer IOU Financing

The next big innovation in lending. Enabling everybody to easily become a lender.

While pursuing traditional financing, most SMEs face challenges such as significant collateral requirement, stringent terms, and impossible rates (if alternative financing is procured). With credit enhancements, advanced technology and an open ecosystem, FintruX Network makes it easy for small businesses to quickly secure affordable financing with no collateral requirement.

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Tuesday Team Talks № 23

We have had an amazing outpour of support for our innovative, next gen financing solution since our announcement last week. We would like to thank our supporters for the kind, encouraging, and eager comments that have been coming in through social media and emails.

- February, 12, 2019

Quarterly Update #1

It has been a great start to the new year for us. After a busy preparation over the last few months and initial beta testing, we’ve gotten great feedback that has positioned us for a fantastic global launch in 2019. As part of our efforts to constantly update and educate our community of our development, we plan to release quarterly updates that would highlight accomplishments, features and any other major undertakings.

- February, 08, 2019


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