FTX Token Economics

Powering all of our solutions is FTX ("or ꭍ"); a utility token fueling the growth and sustainability of the ecosystem. The demand for FTX will initially be fostered on the TruX Platform and grow exponentially with the adoption of FTX by other SME centric platforms. By using features and services focused on enabling growth from small to medium to large business, entrepreneurs can utilize FTX to fuel their business requirements. The TruX platform will provide an environment where businesses are empowered to grow globally with trust; having FTX as the backbone of every business.

Please find below the basic utility goals and economics of our token ecosystem. This content is subject to change and will be amended from time to time in accordance with improvements in the ecosystem.

Overall Benefits


FTX is involved both directly or indirectly in every transaction settled on the TruX platform. TruX Platform users can pay for services or subscriptions directly with FTX. Buying directly with FTX will always result in a lower price. However, as most business owners already have a bank account, FTX is not the only payment method accepted. The TruX Platform also accepts fiat currency, which is automatically converted to FTX for a simplified and easy user experience. This means that every transaction will be paid for using FTX, reducing exchange rate risks and dependencies. This enables a self-regulating mechanism — if FTX becomes more expensive, the amount of FTX required for services will automatically reduce.

The FintruX 5% Reserve acting as the ultimate level of credit enhancements is also held in FTX. Over time, the operation of the business should drive this reserve pool to grow in value, providing greater levels of security for smart credits and lower overall interest rates on the platform.

*We are currently drafting a few sample walkthroughs with calculations to enable our users to theorize the growth and subsequent increased security of the reserve pool over time;

Planned Use-Cases of FTX:

  • Users paying in FTX for subscriptions or services on TruX will receive 20% off any platform fees.
  • Buyers and sellers on the platform can pay in FTX to boost network ranking to gain more exposure on the smart marketplace for business opportunities.
  • SME payment transparency and creditworthiness on TruX can be accessed by traditional financial institutions to provide financial services to a previously underserved market. These financial institutions would be required to pre-purchase FTX to spend per API call.
  • Users on the platform can acquire valuable market insights and price discovery aggregates with FTX.
Staking Rewards:

  • Certain membership tiers can be unlocked via staking of FTX, with each tier unlocking additional bonuses customized for business requirements at every growth stage.*
  • Buyers can improve their purchasing power in smart credits via staking of FTX in addition to providing financing information.
Earning FTX:

  • Successfully performing certain tasks that foster the growth of the ecosystem.
    • Hitting certain benchmarks/milestones.
    • Providing reviews and ratings.
    • Successful user referrals.
    • On-time payments and no defaults.
*More information to be released as we continue evaluating needs of SMEs at various growth stages.
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