The FintruX Network is powered by FTX, a utility token that rewards participation in the marketplace. Activities on the platform have costs that are specified in FTX, but tied to fiat.

  •   Supply

All ecosystem participants get paid with FTX tokens for their services.

  •   Demand

Token holders have access to the platform, and earn exclusive benefits and rewards.

  •   Stable

Demand of FTX is directly proportional to the number of loans facilitated by the platform. Costs specified in FTX are tied to Fiat, enabling a self-regulating mechanism.

All participants on the ecosystem will pay and be paid for their services in FTX token. These would include:

  • KYC/Credit scoring;
  • On-time payment (good behavior) rewards and late fees (punishment);
  • FintruX Network service fees;
  • Principal and interest payments (optional);
  • API licensing;
  • Additional services to be offered;
Planned benefits for FTX Token holders include:

  • Discounts on FintruX Network service fees;
  • Exclusive access to features and products;
  • Enhanced service and benefits;
  • Ability to refer friends and family to be users to get rewarded;
  • Improved loan terms (borrowers only);
  • Collateralize loans with FTX to lower interest rates (borrowers only);
  • Access to additional classes of loans (lenders only);
  • Additional reputation for risk assessment (borrowers, lenders, service providers);

The FintruX 5% Reserve acting as the ultimate level of credit enhancements is also held in FTX. Over time, the operation of the business should drive this reserve pool to grow in value, providing greater levels of security for the lenders and lower overall interest rates.

The ownership of FTX Token does not have any rights other than the rights to exchange and claim them on the platform. To be certain, FTX has no ownership rights or equity or security or equivalent, intellectual property rights or any other form of control or revenue sharing relating to the FintruX Network.
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