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Senior Credit Risk Analyst

Credit Analysis and Ratings

FintruX Network is a well-funded ecosystem platform built on the blockchain to provide liquidity to under-served SME globally. All loans are protected by proven credit-enhancements. We are seeking a couple of senior credit analysts to perform qualitative and quantitative credit analysis on SME loan applicants. You will perform risk-rating, pricing, and help customers to improve their credit. Successful candidate will have the opportunity to work with our data science team in scorecard building, monitoring and incremental improvement via artificial intelligence. We promote work-life balance via automation.

Job Description

Assisted by state-of-the-art commercially available artificial intelligence tools we provide, apply your domain expert knowledge on traditional and alternative credit & financial data to manage commercial credit risk. You will participate in credit analysis, risk-rating and pricing, and help SME customers to improve their credit. May involve manual adjudication, scorecard building/monitoring/improvement via artificial intelligence.


Identify the key historical (and future) credit (and non-credit) risks related to a specific transaction

Conduct economic & industry analysis, risk grading and stress testing in credit analysis

Spread financial statements to perform ratio analysis and credit risk assessment

Approve or disapprove extension of credit and be open-minded on alternative methodologies

Prepare written presentations using current financial information and all other behavioral information

Ensure current credit accounts remain in good standing

Work with SME customers to improve their credit situation

Drive regular monitoring and incremental improvement of internal scorecard

Engage and monitor credit bureaus external scorecard performance

Assist in developing credit risk assessment policies and framework

Assist in regulatory and risk compliances

Assist in establishing, monitoring, evaluating, developing and implementing strategies for new account acquisition, credit limit setting and account management

Ensure account acquisition, account management, and data delivery systems are operating efficiently

Recommend innovative solutions towards simpler, faster, better.

Offer Details

Optional one-day-a-week working from home

Respect from all team members and stakeholders

Open, modern and pleasant office near CBD and MRT

Stability as company can pay all obligations without revenue for 2 years

$5,000 - $10,000 * 13 months

Group medical benefits included

A learning environment where you can dive deep into the latest technologies and make an impact.

Skills / Qualifications

3-7 years of relevant work experience in credit analysis, risk ratings and pricing

Recognized degree in finance or accounting

Excellent qualitative and quantitative analysis skills

Excel in statistics, ratio/financial-statement analysis, economics and industry assessment

Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

Creative and with strong attention to details

Creative and with strong attention to details.

Enjoys working on a large variety of topics related to SME commercial lending

A self-starter attitude towards helping potential clients to do what’s right

Adaptable, teachable, able to multi-task well in a innovative environment

Good team player with the ability to build meaningful relationships with all stakeholders.

Who We Are

FintruX Network is a well-funded P2P lending startup built on the blockchain, protected by proven credit-enhancements. We facilitate lending in a true peer-to-peer network to ease the cash-flow issues of SMEs that typically face challenges getting loan financing. While pursuing traditional financing, most SMEs face challenges such as significant collateral requirement, stringent terms, and impossible rates (if alternative financing is procured). With credit enhancements and an open ecosystem, FintruX Network makes it easy for small businesses to quickly secure affordable financing with no collateral requirement. Small businesses can get a loan up to 6 figures within minutes.

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